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Full Body, Fat Torching Circuit!

I feel like I haven’t posted any good exercises recently.  Let’s fix that!

WellMom offers small group training in addition to one-on-one PT.  I like to call it “Mom Camp.”  🙂 Today I’m sharing a workout that some current campers recently performed.  It’s a full body, fat torching workout designed to leave you breathless!

Like many of WellMom’s fat loss circuits, it relies on the principle of rest-based training.  The idea is you push yourself hard – as hard as you can! – until you simply must take a break.  Then you rest just long enough until you’re ready to hit it again.  Heavy resistance is also key.  In fact a good starting weight is one that you have to reduce at some point during the workout.  The high intensity interval training coupled with heavy load increases your afterburn, or the calories you burn up to 48 hours AFTER your workout!  What’s that you say?  Burning calories when I’m doing nothing?!  You heard me correctly.  And the whole thing only takes 25 minutes out of your day!

I have my campers do a lot of this type of training, and it works!  Just halfway through their 8-week program, the group of four moms that recently performed this circuit have collectively torched 16 pounds!

Full Body, Fat Torching Circuit

Note:  Prenatal moms should approach this circuit with caution.  It is appropriate for those accustomed to intense training but not for those new to exercise.  Postpartum moms who aren’t yet ready for intense training should also avoid this circuit.


Jumping jacks (30 seconds); dynamic squats (30 seconds); alternating dynamic lunges (30 seconds).  Repeat.

20-minute Circuit

Repeat each exercise sequentially for the specified time and complete 5 rounds.  Push yourself as hard as can while you’re working, breaking as often as you need.

1. Dumbbell thrusters.  1 minute

(Do these as quickly and explosively as possible!)









2. Overhead tricep extension, holding glute bridge. 1 minute






3. Push-up with row (on knees or toes), alternating arms. 1 minute





4. Static front lunge.  30 seconds with each leg leading










Walk for two minutes.

*****IMG_0617 (2)

And since I mentioned Mom Camp, here’s a picture of two of my moms from camp last week.  We often round out class with some flexibility training.  Doesn’t Caitlin make triangle pose look fun?  🙂

If YOU want to go to camp, drop me a line!  I also offer small group training for postpartum moms where the intensity is much lower and the focus is on rehabilitation of the inner core, (pregnancy and delivery – whether vaginal or Cesarean – wreak havoc on this area of the body).  I’d love to see you in my next class!

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