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I started working with Chris about halfway through my second pregnancy. With working full-time and chasing around a toddler, I hadn’t been able to settle into a good workout routine this pregnancy. I’m SO glad I saw Chris’ interview on ARLnow and emailed her on a whim [about distance training]. It’s super convenient for me to fit in my workout on my own schedule and follow-up with her by email. I’m achieving my workout goals of improving my overall fitness and getting stronger before baby. Plus Chris is just great to work with — super friendly, organized and supportive. I’ve had a great experience with WellMom and look forward to continuing postpartum.

~Jenn, mom to one and one on the way!

Chris and I started working together almost three months ago. In that time, I have lost almost 10 pounds, have more energy, and my body shape has improved.  We do a combination of yoga to increase my flexibility and fast-paced resistance training to raise my heart rate and burn fat.  I feel like I use every muscle in my body during our sessions!   Her nutrition coaching also really helped in losing the weight without having to starve myself!

I met Chris’s two year old daughter, and I was amazed by her knowing the names of different yoga poses and trying to do them.  It showed me that fitness for Chris is not only a profession, it’s a lifestyle.


In the past year I found that my eating habits were changing, and not for the best. I was eating out more, snacking on not so wholesome foods and skipping meals. I have never been fond of cooking, and I abhor grocery stores. Chris drafted a plan specifically for me, and we scheduled a consultation where she went over in detail dietary guidelines, considerations for my age group, sources of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals and daily dietary recommendations. After a couple of weeks and many questions, I talked with Chris and she was able to not only answer the questions but to give advice on how to vary the diet while still keeping the time in the kitchen to a minimum. As Chris offers a grocery shopping excursion in her package, I asked her to accompany me to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to demystify some of the offerings. I found this most helpful and am now looking for and purchasing healthier foods. I am most thankful to Chris for taking the time to listen to my needs and to develop a plan that works for me. Along my journey, Chris reached out several times to see how I was doing, answer any questions, and offer links to recipe websites. I highly recommend Chris as she uses her knowledge to craft a plan that is relatively easy to follow and offers a path to a healthier lifestyle.


Working out with WellMom after I had my second baby gave me the jump start I needed to be strong and confident enough to start pushing myself in the gym again. I started working out with Chris when I was four months postpartum, and after just a few sessions, I was well on my way to getting my strength, agility, and shape back.

Chris motivated me to work hard and put 100% in each session without making postpartum recovery seem overwhelming. It is obvious she is very knowledgeable about the postnatal body and proper exercises and techniques that help new moms get back into shape after childbirth.  Chris gave wonderful insight and instruction on how to properly restore pelvic floor muscles, transverse abdominis muscles, as well as breathing exercises.

She is incredibly organized with her training routines, always punctual, and extremely flexible with scheduling and timing. I felt like she showed up for each session determined to help me get more fit and feel better–and her positive energy and spirit was a huge lift in the haze of sleep-deprivation too. I can’t recommend her enough and look forward to working with her again in the future!

~Colleen, mom to Connor and James

I have worked with several trainers over the past few years and when I became pregnant last year, I looked for someone with specific experience and interest in a prenatal mom, as I wanted to make sure that any workout I did would be safe for me and for the baby. When I first met with Chris, I knew it would be a great fit. Not only did she have the experience of being a mom herself, but I could instantly tell that she was very interested in making sure that I was safe and comfortable in all of our sessions. I appreciate that she is thoughtful as she builds work outs–there is always a reason behind the exercises/routines she puts together–and she explained why the exercises were beneficial at that point in the pregnancy or post-natal time period. I also appreciate that Chris listens and has tailored our workouts to my interests and abilities. My best testimonial is that I continue to work out with Chris almost a year after giving birth and I hope to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

~Tracy, mom to Blake

Before I started training with Chris, I was very dubious of having a trainer.  I had tried personal training before and had not felt it was for me.  Plus I was reasonably happy with my physical fitness, appearance and exercise routine.  I am so glad I started training!  Chris perfectly combines what I want to focus on with the areas, that with her expertise, she feels would benefit me.  She pushes me to do more, yet is encouraging.  Also, I am never bored when working out with her.  I look forward to our sessions.  I have noticed a lot of positive change.  I feel stronger.  I see this in my daily life dealing with a toddler.  Also I see a huge difference in my performance in the group exercise classes that I had been doing, really with no significant improvement for years, before starting with Chris.  I also am feeling more confident to try different exercises/classes.  Upon Chris’s encouragement I tried one of her yoga classes and plan to keep trying!  Having a toddler, my exercise time is limited, and therefore a beneficial and enjoyable exercise session is so important to me.  I plan to keep training with Chris indefinitely!

~Jill, mom to Hykie

Chris is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is very health-conscious and can offer great nutrition tips so you can make the most of a challenging workout. She tailors her guidance to your particular goals, or to a particular a muscle group, which I really appreciate. Overall, I had a great experience working with Chris and would recommend her in a heartbeat!

~Samantha, mom to Harrison


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