1:1 Nutrition Coaching

“I am most thankful to Chris for taking the time to listen to my needs and to develop a plan that that works for me.”

~Jeanie, Nutrition Coaching Client

Are you pregnant and want to make sure you’re eating right for you AND your baby?  Are you a mom who needs some help losing the extra baby weight?  Do you hate to cook and need some ideas for healthy, easy meals? Or maybe you just want to improve your overall nutrition but don’t know where to start?  Whatever your nutrition-related goals, WellMom can help!

In-person* initial consultation (45-60 minutes; $175):

  • provision of nutrition guidelines based on your nutritional needs and goals, my evaluation of a three-day diet diary you keep, and my review of your completed diet questionnaire (which you will receive in advance of our consultation)
  • Examples of how to meet those guidelines on a daily basis
  • Custom recipes that conform to those guidelines
  • Answers to your nutrition questions

Feedback from the questionnaire will inform the guidelines I offer and recipes I provide, making sure everything accommodates any dietary restrictions you may have, your specific nutritional needs and goals, and your tastes as preferences.

*If you prefer, we could instead do this via phone

Follow-up phone calls (20-30 minutes; $50 each):

  • Feedback on diet diary (should you continue to keep one and want feedback)
  • Progress review, obstacles/troubleshooting, modifications
  • Motivation to continue to eat well!

Grocery store tour (60-75 minutes; $95)

  • Suggestions for foods to buy and foods to avoid
  • Strategies for saving money without compromising on quality
  • Demystification of unfamiliar foods 🙂
  • Answers to your food and nutrition-related questions along the way
  • Healthy eating and cooking tips

Kitchen makeover – WellMom comes to your home! (60-75 minutes; $95)

  • Evaluation of items in your fridge, pantry, and cupboards
  • Tips for cutting down on food waste and saving money
  • Suggestions for what to keep and and what to toss
  • Recommendations for staples to add
  • Suggestions for healthy meals using items from your newly-stocked kitchen

Think you’d benefit from ALL of those things?  Save $$ with WellMom’s All-Inclusive Monthly Program!

All-Inclusive Monthly Program

First month $395 ($615 value):

  • In-person initial consultation ($175 value)
  • Weekly follow-up phone calls ($200 value)
  • One grocery store tour ($95 value)
  • One kitchen makeover ($95 value)
  • Unlimited email support ($50 value)
  • Motivation to continue to eat well! (priceless)

Subsequent months $150 ($250 value):

  • Weekly follow up phone calls ($200 value)
  • Unlimited email support ($50 value)
  • Motivation to continue to eat well! (priceless)

Ready to take the leap?  Have any additional questions?  Contact WellMom today!


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