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45-min Workout – on the fly!

Yesterday I had 45-minutes from the time I stepped foot into the gym until the time I needed to leave to make it to a client.  I typically plan my workouts ahead of time, but I came unprepared on this occasion.  On the spot I created an efficient workout (check!) that first elevated my heart rate (check!) and then hit all the muscle groups I wanted to work, focusing on the posterior chain (check!).

The next time you find yourself with just 45-minutes and zero ideas, give this a go.  If you are unfamiliar with any of the exercises, just ask google.  If that fails, email me and I’ll tell ya 🙂

Warm up (~5 minutes):

  1. diaphragmatic breathing in quadruped.  30 seconds. (what?  breathing as part of the warm up?  Yup. And here’s WHY I start all my classes and personal training sessions with diaphragmatic breathing)
  2. cat cows x 10
  3. rocking psoas stretch x 10 each side
  4. body weight glute bridges with overhead reach x 15
  5. body weight squats x 15
  6. walking knee hugs x 10 each leg
  7. standing hip abduction x 15 each side

HIIT Training (10 minutes).  Pace: 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest.  Then move on to the next exercise:

  1. Burpees
  2. Lateral high knees
  3. Double butt kickers
  4. Medicine ball slams
  5. Speed skaters

Resistance Training (~25 minutes). 2 supersets, each three times:

  1. Single leg rotational deadlifts x 10 each leg
  2. Dumbbell Lat Pullovers x 15
  1. Dumbbell glute bridges x 10+10 pulses at the top
  2. Decline push ups x 15

You might notice I failed to cool down.  When I have time, I do.  But if I ONLY have time to warm up OR cool down, I always opt for the warm up.  Personally I feel it’s more important, especially for injury prevention.  But if you’ve got 55-60 minutes, stretch it out, people!










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