Distance Personal Training

  •  FREE initial fitness assessment via Skype or Google Chat
  • CUSTOM workouts tailored to YOUR needs
  • Workouts emailed to you once or twice per week, including a written description of the exercises and video or picture demonstrations
  • 30-minute weekly check-in via Skype, Google Chat, or phone (your choice) to monitor progress, address questions, and change your program as necessary
  • Motivational/reminder call before your workout, with an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the exercises
  • Resistance-based corrective exercises that address your specific muscular imbalances
  • Specific training designed to meet the needs of pre- and postnatal moms:
    • Belly Training to strengthen the inner core
    • Labor Training for prenatal moms – metabolic training specifically designed to prepare you for the demands of labor
    • SuperMom Training for postnatal moms – a progressive method of metabolic training
  • Flexibility training as needed
  • Nutrition guidance as needed
  • Workout length varies from 45-60 minutes

“I started working with Chris about halfway through my second pregnancy. With working full-time and chasing around a toddler, I hadn’t been able to settle into a good workout routine this pregnancy. I’m SO glad I saw Chris’ interview on ARLnow and emailed her on a whim. It’s super convenient for me to fit in my workout on my own schedule and follow-up with her by email. I’m achieving my workout goals of improving my overall fitness and getting stronger before baby. Plus Chris is just great to work with — super friendly, organized and supportive. I’ve had a great experience with WellMom and look forward to continuing postpartum.” 

~ Jennifer C., mom to 3 year old and soon-to-be baby #2

Free Initial Consultation!

Still not sure if WellMom is right for you?  Schedule your FREE initial consultation today, and try before you buy!


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