Today’s post is a little bit different than what you’re used to seeing.  No recipes, no workout tips, no nutrition lessons.

Today’s post is about gratitude.  My gratitude.  For all of my clients. For my friends.  For my family.  For you.

In addition to running WellMom, I teach group exercise classes at a local gym.  Last week I received an anonymous holiday card from one of the gym members.  (Apparently, it took a while for the card to find me!).  Inside the card was a handwritten note: “May you and your family have a splendid holiday and much happiness in 2015.  Thank you for such wonderful, thoughtful, and enjoyable classes this year.”  It was signed by an anonymous “fan.”

This card totally made my day!  How lucky was I to have touched someone to the point where they would go out of their way to write me this card for no other reason than to just say thanks?

Several other clients also helped to make my recent holiday a little brighter with their own similar notes.  Here are some excerpts:

I have felt so much better from a mental and physical standpoint since starting to train with you…thank you for all you do for me…

Thank you for all your help returning me to my pre-pregnancy self!

Thank you for your wonderful training sessions with me.  I am very grateful and very pleased with my progress.

I think my favorite holiday card ever came last year.  The best part of that note was this:

Thank you for making my life better!!!

I started WellMom after giving birth to my daughter.  Fitness was just a side job for me until this point.  I taught a few indoor cycling classes each week at a local gym on weekends and on weekdays after coming home from my “real job.”  (I used to do survey research, if you can believe that!).  I liked my job well enough, but I also knew it wasn’t the best fit for me.  I did some soul searching during my maternity leave and decided now was a good opportunity for me to take the plunge and try to make a career out of my true passion: health and wellness.

And here we are now, two years later.  Helping clients to achieve their fitness and wellness goals gives me so much more pleasure and sense of purpose than working behind a desk ever did.

Has the road been completely smooth?  Of course not.  I’ve had countless moments of self-doubt along the way, feelings I still face from time to time.  But each time I touch someone – in the words of my client, each time I help to make their lives BETTER – I find a renewed sense confidence in my decision to change career paths.

So I am thankful for my clients and their thoughtful holiday cards.  I am thankful for their kind testimonials and reviews of my services.

I am grateful too for my friends and family who have supported me along the way.  WellMom wouldn’t be here without my husband, who encouraged me to take the leap and quit my old job and who helps me work through my moments of self-doubt.  And I have countless other family members and friends who have helped me work through ideas for the company, provided loving words of encouragement, and also challenged me where appropriate.

I’m also thankful for all the people that WellMom touches who I don’t personally know:  the people who read my blog, who like my Facebook page, who share links to my resources, who refer me to their friends.  Since you’re reading this now, that means I’m grateful to you too:  thank you.  🙂

If you’re interested in reading more about WellMom’s mission, be sure to check out my previous blog post, Putting the “Well” in WellMom.  It will give you a better sense of what it means to me to make the lives of my moms better.


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